Remembering the Massacre at Tiananmen Square- 18 Yrs Ago Today

On June 4, 1989, hundreds of innocent civilians were shot dead by the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic uprising in Peking’s (Beijing) Tiananmen Square.

Tanks rumbled through the Beijing streets late on June 3rd as the army moved into the square from several directions. They opened fire randomly on the unarmed protesters.

The injured were rushed to hospital on bicycle rickshaws by frantic residents shocked by the army’s sudden and extreme response to the peaceful mass protest. –BBC

The blood shed in Tiananmen Square has come to symbolize the triumph of the spirit over brute force. It is also a day where we are reminded of the brutality of the communist regime in China.

Photos from Christusrex.Org

YouTube has the famous student-tank standoff in Tiananmen Square,
Video HERE.

Today it was quiet at Tiananmen Square.

Paramilitary policemen patrol around Tiananmen Square in Beijing, June 3, 2007, on the eve of the June 4 anniversary. Tiananmen Square was quiet on Monday and China’s media was silent on the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators that took place there 18 years ago to the day. (REUTERS)

Protesters in China Remember Tiananmen Massacre After 17 Years

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