Paris-Palooza… Hilton Hauled Back to Slammer! (Video)

“It’s not right!” Paris screamed as they dragged her back to the slammer. “Mom!” she cried.
Bummer. This must mean the house party is off for tonight.

Paris Hilton is seen the window of a police car as she is transported from her home to court by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles on Friday, June 8, 2007. (AP Photo)

Outside the Hilton Mansion tempers were flaring…
Police and reporters clash in the mayhem of Hilton’s escort back to court.

Great question from reporter to Mrs. Hilton: “Mrs. Hilton, how are you doing?”
Too much! (KNBC video LA)

KNBC has the full disgusting video outside the Hilton House Arrest Mansion.

Video grab of Paris Hilton (centre R) hugging her mother Kathy in her West Hollywood home, June 8, 2007. (Courtesy of KNBC via Reuters TV/Reuters)




A final look back…

Don’t look back, Paris.
It will only make it hurt more.

Update: Lefties blame Bush.

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