Jimmy Carter Urges US to Hold Talks With Moaist Terrorists

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Jimmy Carter is urging the US administration to hold talks with the Maoist terrorist group of Nepal- the Moaist insurgency is responsible for the deaths of thousands of citizens since 2000.

Former US President Jimmy Carter greets the media during his news conference in Kathmandu, before leaving to return home, at the end of his four-day visit to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, on Saturday, June 16, 2007. Carter said that the United States must establish lines of communication with Nepal’s Maoists regarding the removal of the terrorist tag imposed on them by the US. (WPN)

Jimmy Carter proposed that the US hold talks with the Maoist terrortists in Nepal on a visit to the Himalayan Kingdom.
Voice of America reported from Kathmandu:

Former President Jimmy Carter, 82, says Washington should stop treating Nepal’s Maoists as terrorists, and start talking with the former rebels instead. Mr. Carter is wrapping up a four-day visit to Nepal to assess the ongoing peace process and help organize upcoming national elections. Liam Cochrane reports from Kathmandu.

The former president met with leaders of all of Nepal’s political parties, including the Maoists, during his brief stay in the Himalayan nation.

The Maoists abandoned their 10-year-long rebellion and joined an interim government this year. But because they are still considered terrorists by the U.S. government, American diplomats and aid workers are not allowed to meet them.

But after meeting Maoist leaders Prachanda and Babarum Battarai, the 2002 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Jimmy Carter said Washington should consider removing the terrorist label.

The Moaist terrorist insurgency is responsible for the deaths of 13,058 citizens in Nepal since 2000 including 52 deaths this year.

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