Iranian Regime Claims UK Is Supporting Terrorists

The regime in Iran claimed that the UK is working closely with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Bazteb News reported:

Pointing to the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s repeated claim against the Islamic Republic on alleged link between Iran and Taliban group, Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki added that reiterating such baseless accusations is in line with the UK policy of putting blames on other nations.

“Blair’s government has no justification to cover up its interventionist policies in the region and its constant defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq, therefore, it resorts to such baseless accusations,” he noted.

“Holding covert negotiations between the UK forces and the leaders of Taliban in Musa Qala enhanced the suspicions that they support terrorist acts in Afghanistan.” According to IRNA , Mottaki said, this has worried the legitimate Afghan government.

The FM noted that terrorist acts in Afghanistan are in line with the UK current policies in the region, adding that fomenting insecurity and instability in the Middle East is on the agenda of Blair’s government.

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