HOT!… More Goods on the Latest Clinton Scandal! (Video)

This is HOT….
If you have 10 minutes, watch this riveting film clip put together by Peter Paul back in 2006.
The clip explains the details behind this latest and ongoing Clinton Scandal- “The Largest Election Law Fraud in History”:
(Notice what is discussed at the 6:20 mark.)

In this video, David Schippers, Chief Council Clinton Impeachment, explains what Hillary’s lawyers said (6:20 mark):

“No evidence, no evidence that Hillary was involved in any way whatsoever (with the fundraiser).”

But, that just wasn’t true.
And, yesterday’s video release of Hillary on the phone with Peter Paul planning the event in July 2000 proves that what Hillary and her lawyer said about not being involved in the event was not true. The truth is that Hillary directly helped solicit and coordinate the mega-fundraiser.

Now… If you really want to get into the details of this latest Clinton scandal, you can wade through the muck at:
The Peter Paul vs Hillary and Bill Clinton Album
Equal Justice Foundation
Peter Paul

These websites are all dedicated to the “Largest Election Law Fraud in History.”

This week the Equal Justice Foundation released a tape of Hillary Clinton on speaker phone in July 17, 2000, on a call with Peter Paul. The videotape proves that Hillary Clinton was fully involved in the $1.2 million mega-fund-raiser paid for by Peter Paul on August 12, 2000. Hillary helped solicit and coordinate the Gala.

The tape was made by Peter F. Paul in his office on July 17, 2000, three days after Bill Clinton agreed to work for Paul as a rainmaker after he left the White House, if Paul would underwrite and produce the largest fundraising event for Hillary’s Senate campaign.

Hillary later denied involvement with the event.
She even dissed Peter Paul in the Washington Post after the fundraiser on August 17, 2000 and then three days later sent him a sweet thank you letter!

August 18, 2000: Three days after telling the Washington Post (“Hillary Returns Bucks to Ex-Felon”) that Peter Paul made no contribution to the August 12, 2000 Gala and that her campaign would not accept contributions from him, Hillary sent this letter to ensure Paul would not contradict her false story to the Post

Bill Clinton even hand wrote a message to Peter Paul thanking him:

On August 18, 2000: the same day that Hillary sends a special thank you to Paul, Bill sends a handwritten letter thanking Paul for the “boost” the “wonderful event gave Hillary’s campaign”. This note was intended to induce Paul not to dispute the false statements made by Hillary’s campaign to the Washington Post on August 14 and August 16 regarding Paul’s role with Hillary’s Senate campaign.

(Click to Enlarge)
August 24, 2000: Seven days after the Washington Post publishes story that Clinton’s spokesman announced the refund of Paul’s $2,000 check to Hillary’s campaign, and that no contributions would be accepted from Paul, Hillary’s Finance Director Rosen asks Paul for $100,000 in stock to be transferred by his controller, Gordon, to Hillary’s NY Working Family Party for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has denied that she worked on this fundraiser with Paul. She has acted like she barely knows Peter Paul. The video released yesterday clearly shows the truth.
It does not look good for Hillary.

Hillary Implicated In “Largest Election Law Fraud in History”

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