Freedom Marches as Dictators Goose Step

Anne Bayefsky published an article at National Review Online summing up her experiences from the Democracy & Security Conference in Prague, Czech Republic this week.

Anne includes in her summary this powerful statement from Natan Sharansky:

Natan Sharansky: “Democracy is on the march, but dictatorships are also on the march. There must be mutual reinforcement between the leader of the free world and dissidents. The most dangerous thing for a dissident is to be ignored; only the solidarity of the world makes it possible for dissidents to continue their struggle. Today there are dissidents in many different contexts but the underlying battle is the same — freedom versus fear. We improve our influence by uniting as dissidents against totalitarians regimes.”

Yet, as Anne pointed out, the elephant in the democracy hall is a regime that is about to build nukes.


Anne Bayefsky takes a critical look at the democracy situation and the building threats.
Read it all HERE.

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