Fred Thompson Remarks on Foreign Policy

The Brits loved Fred Thompson’s foreign policy speech today in London.
Town Hall has the video link.

A few points from his speech:

** “Of course we believe in long presidential campaigns in the U.S. Most American politicians are afraid they won’t be considered serious candidates until they’ve made a promise a hundred times and spent a hundred million dollars. Though every now and then you still get some slow-poke who takes his time before announcing.”

** “When terrorists in their video performances pledge more and bigger attacks to come, against targets in both Europe and America, these are not to be shrugged off as idle boasts. They must be taken at their word.”

** “When we in the States take the measure of your leaders, their party affiliation doesn’t really count for a whole lot. It’s been this way for a while now, at every moment when it mattered. It was true in the days of Churchill and Roosevelt … of Thatcher and Reagan… and Blair and Bush. Differences of party and domestic policy are incidental, compared to the bigger considerations that define Britain and America as allies.”

** “Of course, diplomacy is always to be preferred in our dealings with dangerous regimes. But I believe diplomacy, as Franklin Roosevelt put it, is more than “note writing.” The words of our leaders command much closer attention from adversaries when it is understood that we and our allies are prepared to use force when force is necessary.”

** “Realism? Yes. But also idealism, which is what makes us different from our enemies.”

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