US House Defeats Latest Democratic Surrender Legislation

Update Below: They passed a 2 month version of their surrender bill.

Hat Tip Cornhusker
The US House voted down the latest democratic surrender legislation today. 59 democrats defected:

The Democratic-controlled House defeated legislation Thursday to require the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq within nine months, then pivoted quickly to a fresh challenge of President Bush’s handling of the unpopular war.

The vote on the nine-month withdrawal measure was 255-171.
59 democrats voted against the legislation!

On a day of complex maneuvering, Democrats said they would approve legislation funding the war on an installment plan, and Bush said he would veto it. But the president, under pressure from lawmakers in both parties, coupled his threat with an offer to accept a spending bill that sets out standards for the Iraqi government to meet.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, issued the following statement on the democrats latest pice of surrender bill:

“Today, Democrats will again bring legislation to the House floor that has no chance of ever becoming law. They know that, we know that, our Military knows that, and our enemies know that. Despite a request for funds made by the Pentagon 94 days ago, Democrats continue to withhold needed resources from our troops in order to score cheap political points. It is stunning that Democrat leaders in the House would waste months on surrender bills that not only will be vetoed, but in the words of Senator Reid, won’t even be passed by the Democrat -controlled Senate.

“An immediate withdrawal from Iraq would have catastrophic global repercussions. Likewise, rationing critical funds for our troops and enacting surrender dates is an irrational way to successfully defeat America’s enemies. War comes at a high cost, but the costs of defeat are far higher.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates already said that a two month military funding bill would be disastrous.

Update: 2,700 Servicemen petition Congress to support the troops!

Update 2: The House passes a surrender bill to fund the troops for 2 months… Something Defense Secretary Gates says WILL NOT WORK. Bush promises to veto this latest surrender bill.
The vote was 221-205Only 10 democrats including the antiwar bunch voted against this bill.

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