The Biggest Trial You May Never Hear About… The Abu Nur Trial Is Set to Open in Iraq

Mass murderer does not even begin to describe this Al Qaeda leader captured in Iraq…

Omar Wahdallah Dad, also known as “The Spider” or Abu Nur, will go on trial soon in an Iraqi court it was announced this week.

Abu Nur has confessed to orchestrating between 800 and 900 bomb attacks in Iraq including the Sadr City bomb attack in November 2006, the worst bombing since Saddam was ousted, that killed at least 202 innocent Iraqis.


Abu Nur is a member of Al Qaeda.

A picture displayed at a press conference by the US military in Baghdad shows Omar Wahdallah Dad, also known as Abu Nur and “The Spider”, believed by the US military to have been one of Al-Qaeda’s senior commanders in Baghdad and captured in Iraq in December 2006. US Major General William Caldwell IV, spokesman of the Multi-National Forces-Iraq, at the heavily-fortified Green Zone area in Baghdad, told reporters at the press conference today that Abu Nur will be tried by an Iraqi court for orchestrating 800 to 900 bombings in and around Baghdad.(AFP/Pool)

Just to put this in perspective…
The Al Qaeda leader, Abu Nur, says he orchestrated between 800-900 bomb attacks in Iraq.

Total Iraq Bombings as of May 13, 2007: 1,381 (of which at least 484 (35.1%) were suicide bombings) as reported at the Brookings Institute.

Abu Nur, then, may have been responsible for 57-65% of all recorded bombings in Iraq!

Total as of May 13, 2007:
Killed: 12,488
Wounded: 25,779
Numbers from the liberal Brookings Institution Iraq Index.

BOMBINGS TABLES: Included as data for these graphs are any bombings (including IEDs / roadside bombs) that caused at
least three fatalities. The data on multiple fatality IED / roadside bombs are estimates and may have a margin of error of +/-
one bomb and approximately five fatalities and five wounded.

It is safe to say that the Al Qaeda leader Abu Nur was responsible for thousands of Iraqi deaths.

Abu Nur also admitted to his responsibility in the kidnapping and murder of four Russian diplomats in June 2006. According to the charges brought against him, Abu Nur personally beheaded two of the diplomats himself.

A combo picture grabbed from a video released by the Mujahedeen Shura Council in Iraq, on the internet, shows the Russian diplomats abducted on June 3, 2006, when gunmen attacked their vehicle in the upmarket west Baghdad neighborhood of Mansur. An Iraqi insurgent coalition led by Al-Qaeda said it had executed four Russian diplomats held hostage in Iraq, in an internet statement accompanied by pictures.(AFP/MUJAHEDEEN SHURA COUNCIL )

According to Maj-Gen Caldwell in a press conference this week in Iraq as posted at Abu Nur was a very evil and very busy Al Qaeda terrorist:

He has admitted to having a role in between 800 to 900 car and roadside bomb attacks. He is accused of overseeing sectarian murders and executions. He is also accused of being involved in several attacks on bridges and other infrastructure vital to the Iraqi people. He has admitted to playing a part in the horrific bombings in the Sadr City neighborhood of Baghdad on November 23rd of last year, and he has also admitted to his responsibility in the kidnapping and murder of four Russian diplomats in June of 2006. According to charges being prepared against him, Abu Nur personally beheaded two of these men in videotaped savagery that played across the world.

Abu Nur was apprehended in the vicinity of the main market of Taji on December 19th of 2006.

“Abu Nur has claimed that al-Qaeda targets everybody. He claims there aren’t any innocent people.”

Obviously, Abu Nur put this into practice.

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