Taliban Operational Commander Mullah Dadullah Is Dead

Gussied up for his photo-shoot…

Afghan authorities presented a bloodied body to journalists in the southern city of Kandahar that they said was that of Mullah Dadullah, who has claimed to lead thousands of men and has hundreds more ready to carry out suicide attacks.(AFP/Hamed Zalmy)

HotAir reported the news late last night on the death of the top operational commander for the Taliban insurgency.

One Taliban expert says that the terror group, “Thought he (Mullah Dadullah) had become too big for his shoes.”
Actually, that’s one shoe. The mullah was an amputee.


Bill Roggio has more on the deceased Taliban leader.
Dan Riehl has more.

Dadullah just released a video claiming that Osama Bin Laden was directing the insurgency in Iraq.

Dadullah was also behind the beheading of a Taliban member by a 12 year-old that shocked the world last month.

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