Strange… Far Left Analyst Canned for Bashing Bush?

This is odd…
Retired Army Maj. Gen. John Batiste was canned as a CBS News consultant due to his participation in an ad criticizing President Bush.
Here is the anti-Bush rant by Baptiste for Far Left, a group of a few disgruntled soldiers and political hacks against the president:

CBS had this to say about their decision to release Batiste:

CBS News Vice President, Standards and Special Projects Linda Mason confirmed to me that Batiste was asked to vacate his position.

“When we hire someone as a consultant, we want them to share their expertise with our viewers,” she said. “By putting himself front and center in an anti-Bush ad, the viewer might have the feeling everything he says is anti-Bush. And that doesn’t seem like an analytical approach to the issues we want to discuss.”

She said that Batiste’s appearance in the ad marked a violation of CBS News standards, in which “we ask that people not be involved in advocacy.”

Added Mason: “We might still go to the general to ask about things, but not as a consultant to CBS News.”

Funny… Batiste has been bashing Bush for months now which no doubt helped him land the position with CBS. So… why fire him now?
General Wesley Clark made Far-Left anti-Bush ads (with fraudsters) and it didn’t seem to hurt him much.
Look at Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann– They’re not exactly the most balanced individuals.
So what gives?

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