Soldier's Family Needs Immediate Help

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Paul Brooks is a guardsman fighting in Iraq. His newborn baby has a hole in his heart between his two bottom ventricles and needs surgery.
The family and community is asking for help.

(left to right) Aidan (3), Samara (2), and Logan (5) is holding baby Denver (almost 3 months).

(I posted this story on Memorial Day but I just received more information on this soldier’s family in need so I am reposting.)
Pat Rowe Kerr, the Missouri State Veterans Ombudsman, forwarded this article about a Southern Missouri soldier’s family in need.
KY3TV reported:

This Memorial Day Weekend, one group is asking you to help a soldier who’s fighting two battles. One battle is in Iraq and the other is here at home against his newborn’s failing heart.

Baby Denver is quite a handful, though he is one of the most content babies you’ll ever see. “It’s been rough,” said his mother Nicole Brooks.

It’s been a difficult time because Denver has a hole in his heart between his two bottom ventricles and that means he’ll have to have heart surgery.

“It’s really nice having family that supports us,” said Brooks, but she adds the person she needs the most, her husband, can’t be by her side.

Paul Brooks is a guardsman fighting in Iraq. Up until a few months ago, he was bringing home a six figure salary, but now it’s much less. And the Missouri Veterans Commission is taking notice.

“We can help them take care of the needs here at home,” said Retired Colonel Jack Jackson who knows exactly what this family and others like them are going through. While serving in Vietnam, Jackson’s wife became ill.

Though people are remembering those who served years ago this Memorial Day Weekend, the colonel said people need to also remember those who are serving now.

“I can remember flying combat missions as a marine pilot and sometimes drifting away from the thoughts of the mission at hand to how’s my family? Is someone watching my daughter? Is my wife gonna get better?” Jackson recalled.

The Veterans Commission and friends of the group hope people will help this family–like this family is helping many people–through service.

If you’d like to help, 100% of all funds received will go directly to the family to assist them with their financial needs.

Donations should be made payable to:
Operation Baby’s Heart
C/O State of Missouri Veterans Commission
205 Jefferson Street, 12th Floor
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Carol and Mary from Operation Undergarment have agreed to use their PayPal account to donate to “Operation Baby’s Heart.” All donations we collect at their PayPal account for “Operation Baby’s Heart” will be turned over to Baby Denver’s parents through Pat Kerr.

UPDATE- Pat adds this:

“A few years ago the Missouri Veterans Commission stood up a
program called Operation Outreach to assist families of our Global War
on Terror Service Members and Veterans * however, it is important to
know that the state does not have discretionary funds to assist those
who are serving in the military. We are relying on the kindness and
generosity of our communities to help our military families cope with
the difficult effects a military deployment can have” said Brigadier
General Larry D. Kay, Deputy Director of the Missouri Veterans

Update: (8:30 PM CST) Thanks to all who donated.
Operation Undergarment collected $1,163.42 so far today for the family.

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