Prophet Makes "Presidential" Slip- Twists Twister Count (Video)

Barak Obama made a slight miscalculation on the carnage in Kansas last night stating 10,000 died in a town of 1,574 where 10 people died last week in a devastating tornado.

Via Michelle Malkin

Of course, he was twisting the twister damage to score political points on a story that has no truth to it.
But, heh, he’s democrat!

The Times Online spun the gaffe this way:

It was “Presidential”. buried the gaffe…
“Obama energizes Richmond crowd”.

The Chicago Sun Times said he overstated the Kansas tornado deaths.

ABC also reported that Obama overstated the tornado deaths.

Not one of the articles reported that the attacks by Obama and the democrats were false! …Only 10% of Kansas guard members are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and only 10% of the available units were called to the disaster area.

Harry Reid Jumps Into Tornado Politics Even After Governor Backtracks (Video)

UPDATE: Ed Lasky notes the media blackout on all things negative on Socialist Far-Left Obama.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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