Photoshlocking the Prophet

Credit Pajamas Media with this catch…
The Washington Post asks of the Prophet Obama:

A Welcome Face — and A Question

…I was reminded of this the other day watching Barack Obama. I realized that when I look at him, I don’t see a person of color. I see a really smart, appealing, thoughtful person. There is something about his manner that seems to demand that he be seen for who he is and not for what color he is.

Umm… Then why did you photoshlock him?


Here’s the original non-glowing regular prophet from Getty Images next to the bright-eyed photoshlocked Wapo prophet:

Patrick in the comments at Pajamas Media explains the fauxtographic alterations:

Pull up both images and compare them side by side. Notice the shine marks in Obama’s eyes. In the Washington Post image there are two shine marks in his right eye; in the Getty Images image there is only one. Also, the shine marks in his left eye are much more sharply defined, making Obama seem more clear-eyed in the Post image than in the Getty.

Also, look at Obama’s skin tone. In the Getty image, there is a yellow-ochre cast to his skin tone; in the Post image, his skin tone tends more to the red-ochre or burnt sienna. This was probably done to create more of a contrast between Obama and the yellow-flame orange background he is standing in front of.

Photoshop, like makeup is best when it applied lightly. The effect is very subtle, but it is there. If they had done more, like erase the pitting on Obama’s cheeks or the stubble on his chin, it would have been immediately obvious.

Obviously… The gushing love letter by writer Sally Quinn was not enough for the WaPo.

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