Nutty Left: Evil CIA Created Al Qaeda-linked Fatah Al-Islam

Sweet Jesus— These people are just nuts.

A lunatic Leftist website claims that the Al Qaeda-linked Fatah al-Islam group that is fighting the Lebanese army in Tripoli was created by the evil CIA!
The Wayne Madsen Report claims:

Fath al-Islam was reportedly started with funding and other support from the CIA and Lebanese Phalangist forces to act as a counterweight to Hezbollah. In reality, Fath al-Islam is designed to give the Bush administration, NATO, and the Fouad Siniora government a pretext for granting the U.S. military and NATO access to northern Lebanon and the Kleiaat airbase. Fath al-Islam’s activities are already being blamed on “Al Qaeda” units operating in the north of the country.

At least this gives Rosie some new nutty talking points.
Hat Tip Nutty Nardami

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