NOW VIDEO!!– Iranian Women Beaten Bloody By Regime!


On Sunday… Both in the morning and later in the evening, a group of Police officers got involved in physical struggle with three girls who they questioned for their “immodesty”. According to eye witnesses, the officers were trying to arrest the girls, but because of their restraint, a few men on the scene got involved in the incident.

That’s when all hell broke loose…

The women were beaten bloody.
Kamangir translated the story from Iran Press News and an Iranian Women’s Rights Group:


A female officer started pulling a girl’s hand to get her in the police patrol, but she refused. Then, a male officer attacked the girl. That was when others got involved. The girls were taken away by passing cars safe from the police.

There were rumors that this brutal event was recorded on a cameraphone.

Iran Press News (Persian) and Kamangir found the clip and posted the video of the aftermath of this vicious attack by the “Modesty Police” on unveiled Iranian women in Tehran.
Here it is:
(31 seconds)


** Kamangir translates what is being said in the video and he found a different video of the attack.
Thank God for camera-phones!

UPDATE: Pajamas Media special correspondent Ardeshir Arian says the people are getting fed up with the tactics of the regime:

Just yesterday, in the midst of police beating on two defenseless women in Haft e Tir, a popular square in Tehran, people quickly gathered, holding hands with one another and chanting loud and clear against the police, demanding them to let the women go. The police squad, suddenly frightened, radioed for help, but amid the turmoil they were kicked by a young man. Others released the victims from police custody and helped them escape to safety. The young man who also disappeared in the crowd.

And today, reports from Tehran said that in another incident near an upscale shopping mall in the north of the city, a girl was being harassed by a police officer for her dress code, but then she pulled a knife and attacked the policeman. People tried to help the girl, but a special police backup unit quickly arrived and manage to take the the girl away by force.

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