Milblog Conference: "Supporting the Troops"

The final panel at the 2007 Milblogger Conference discussed the different ways that the troops in the field are being supported by the American public.
“Support is more than just a Bumper Sticker”

The panelists included (Left to Right):
Moderator Chuck Z. who blogs at From My Position… On the Way!
Patti Patton-Bader from Soldier’s Angels
Sandra Edens for Sew Much Comfort
Mary Ann Phillips from Soldier’s Angels Germany
Roxie Merritt from OSD/America Supports You

Soldier’s Angels donated their 4,000,000th cup of coffee to the troops this week!
Chuck Z- who was wounded in Iraq- mentioned that he kept every letter that was sent to him while he was recovering at Walter Reed. He says it was that important to him.

Mary Ann talked about the support operations in Germany. She says her job is to be the parent for the injured soldiers who are coming into the base in Germany. Comfort items that are gifts from the American people are much appreciated. One of the big things they do in Germany is keep an eye on the soldiers for the parents who are back in the states.


One mother back in the US described the work of Soldier’s Angels Germany this way: “She feels her son was being carried on wings back to her.”

Once again- check out Wizbang for updates.

Mudville Gazette is streaming live video from the conference.

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