McCain Proposes League of Democracies

John McCain is proposing a “League of Democracies” today in a speech in California.
Powerline thinks it could work.
Captain’s Quarters takes a close look at the proposal.

Actually, when you consider the number of dictatorships and regimes making decisions at the UN and consistently voting against the US, (and Israel) the proposal makes sense:

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These charts were taken from Freedom House’s Annual Global Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties (2006). You can see from the charts that less than half of the nations on the planet are free and yet all of these countries are shaping policy at the UN. Do you suppose they have the best interest of the global community in mind when they constantly attack Israel or the US on human right’s abuses?

Jules Crittenden asserts that if it is a “League of Democracies that Give a Damn and Are Actually Willing To Do Something”(LDGDAAWTDS), that’s going to be a pretty small club.
True. But, it is a start.

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