Massive Protest Against Iranian Regime in Tabriz (Video!!)

IT WAS A YEAR AGO TODAY… That ethnic protests broke out across northern Iran against the regime. Tens of Thousands of protesters marched in Tabriz. Later a few of the protesters hurled stones and torched buildings in violent demonstrations enraged by an offensive cockroach cartoon that slammed the Azeri minority.

Police used tear gas to disperse the Azeri protesters who attended the massive rally in Tabriz some 600 kms (360 miles) northwest of Tehran, on Monday May 22, 2006.

But the protests continued anyway…

Until the regime clamped down on its people.
Iranian Woman wrote at that time:

It is about the readiness of a multi-ethnic nation to explode…
Wake up and smell the gunpowder! Revolutions don’t wait for calendar dates…

Soon after, the regime sent in its thugs to squelch the unrest.

But that was last year…

Today the ethnic Azeris took to the streets on the anniversary of last year’s massive protests against the regime.

And… It was another massive rally in Tabriz against the regime-
The video is already posted:
(4 minutes)

Tabriz,Urmu,Xoy,Erdebil,Sulduz–Popular protest against the Persian authorities in South Azerbaijan (Iran) May 22 2006, (Hordat 1,1385).
Today the protesters were back.

Michael Ledeen has thoughts on the Western silence.

UPDATE: The Iranian regime arrested 15 later today for organizing the protests in Tabriz.

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