Lost: Nuclear Material… If Found: Call 0-800-Pakistan

Pakistan has misplaced some nuclear material.
Now they are advertising for any information leading to the discovery of the material.
Not surprisingly, the ad is garnering some attention.

A Pakistani ad for “lost or stolen” nuclear material.
Pakistan says there is really no cause for concern.
Dawn Internet reported:

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority has said there is no cause for concern after it published advertisements in newspapers for information on ‘lost’ radioactive material.

The advertisements urged members of the public to inform officials if they found any ‘lost or stolen’ radioactive material.

They were published in major Urdu-language newspapers.

According to a report on BBC Online, a spokesman for the authority said that there was a ‘very remote chance’ that nuclear materials imported 40-50 years ago were unaccounted for.

Officials on Wednesday were keen to reassure the outside world that no radioactive material had been stolen, lost or gone missing.

But officials say they need to heighten public awareness of nuclear issues to ensure that decades-old nuclear material is fully accounted for.

But, Iran is not alone in its nuclear advertisements…
Claudia Rosett reported today in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Iranian advertisements in the International Herald Tribune asking for bids on two large scale nuclear plants!

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