Liveblogging the Milblog Conference: "All in the Family"

The second panel this morning at the 2007 Milblog Conference consisted of family members of soldier’s who are serving in the military:

Panelists included: Moderator Andi of Andi’s World, Rachelle of Army Wife Toddler Mom, Sarah of Trying to Grok, Becky of Military Families Voices of Victory, and Carla of Some Soldier’s Mom.

Q and O has a terrific roundup on the panel discussion.

One segment from the panel was particularly moving…
Robert Stokely, the parent of a fallen soldier Mike Stokely, gave a very moving talk on his son who died while serving in Iraq three months after he was married.

Michael, then 8, helped bake a cake for his father’s birthday. Birthdays and anniversaries are particularly difficult for Robert Stokely now, especially Aug. 16, the day that Michael died. ‘I can never be at peace until I go and kneel and touch that spot where Mike was killed.’ (AJC)

Here are his moving words today from Robert Stokely on the loss of his son, Mike:

Robert was one of the parents honored in a Georgia ceremony back in 2005.

Robert Stokely, center, father of 48th Brigade Spc. Michael Stokely, 23, covers his heart with his hand as the national anthem is sung during a prayer vigil and moment of silence to honor Georgia soldiers at the Capitol in Atlanta, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2005. (AP)

Previously on Robert & Mike Stokely:
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