Islamic Hackers Down Catholic Papal Website

An internet Conservative Catholic website has been brought down by Islamic hackers from Turkey. The hackers leave their calling card- The Islamic crescent symbol with words offending the Holy Father.
ADN Kronos reported:

Rome, 17 May (AKI) – A conservative Catholic website claims it has been brought down by Muslim hackers residing in Turkey. – the apostolic motto of late pope John Paul II, “totally yours” – was hacked last Thursday night and remained blocked this week in what its editors believe is a religiously-motivated attack. “In the past two months we had already suffered 70 attacks,” the president of the Totus tuus network David Botti told Adnkronos. “Islamic hackers carried out 80 percent of the attacks and of those 25 percent were by Turks belonging to,” he claimed.

Botti said that “hackers, like all terrorists, have their own signature, for example a propaganda message with which they replace the original text. The most frequent is the Islamic crescent symbol with words offending the Holy Father.”

The president of the network believes the hackers are Islamists who wish to strike a well known target: “We believe that more than for our contents which are decidedly pro [pope] Benedict XVI and [president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference Angelo] Bagnasco, we are hacked because we are more visible than others. In the hacker’s psychology, the more important the website they hack, the more talented they appear in the eyes of people of the same religion or companions.”

Sister Catherina Ann of the Glorious Firewall is going to have to get on it!

Islamic Hackers Exorcised By Vatican

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