Irshad Manji Takes Terror-Sympathizer Ahmed Younis To Woodshed (Video)

No wonder Muslim extremists hate reformist Irshad Manji!
She doesn’t play along with their radical agenda or nonsense.

Irshad Manji at the Secular Islam Summit with Austin Dacey.

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Irshad Manji took Ahmed Younis to the woodshed on his shocking radical-sympathizing nonsense:

Ahmed Younis: …These ideologies that are being harbored by this small percentage of young Muslims that say that it is justified…(25%!) It’s 25% that say that at some situation it might be justified. But, those people are taking it from the book of Howard Zinn, from the book of Leftist Western political ideology more than they’re taking it from the Koran and when they infuse the Koran…

Irshad Manji: No. I have to disagree with that. You know John mentioned that this time last year in my own city of Toronto where I’m speaking to you now from 17 young Muslim Canadians, men, were arrested on evidence that they were planning a beheading of the Prime Minister and an explosion of the Parliament buildings. Guess what? They named their campaign after the first military victory that was acheived by the Prophet Mohammad. My point is that there was a religious motivation to this and they were not just blowing off steam.

Ouch. She’ll get some more death threats for that.
Here’s the segment:

You have to love Irshad’s expression when Younis was blaming Leftists for suicide bombers.

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