Iranian Police Beat Down Amir Kabir University Students! (Video)

At least six students, four of whom are connected with student publications, from Amir Kabir Polytechnic in the capital, Tehran, have been arrested and are believed to be held in the city’s Evin Prison:

Bejaz Ahmad Qasabian (m)
Moqdad Khalilpour (m)
Pooya Mahmoudian (m)
Majid Tavakkoli (m)
Majid Sheikhpour (m)
Babak Zamanian (m)
(Payvand News)

On Tuesday May 15, 2007, students at the university protested for the release of their imprisoned classmates.

The peaceful student protesters even held signs in English saying: “Hey President (Ahmadinejad) release our classmates now!” (Iran Focus)

But… The protest on Friday did not go so well!
Police came in and attacked the students, beat them and dragged several of them away!


Iran Press News links to this AutNews video of the campus violence:

Esmael Salmanpour, one of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) reformists group name ‘Anjoman Eslami’ is being beaten by university guards. They try to send him out of university by extreme violence.
This video was taken on May 19, 2007 inside the university.
This was not carried by the mainstream news.

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