Inside Walter Reed

I was honored to sit and talk with “American Soldier” this past weekend in Washington DC.

He has been blogging anonymously for several years now and was a contributor to the successful “The Blog of War” collection of soldier’s stories from the front authored by Matthew Burden. American Soldier was wounded in Iraq by an IED explosion and is now receiving treatment at Walter Reed for hearing loss, brain trauma and other ailments.

He has a great attitude and this is despite the fact that he did not receive the best care when he got back from Iraq.


‘American Soldier’ is now writing about his experiences at Walter Reed.

A fountain at Walter Reed Hospital. (American Soldier)

Today A Soldier’s Life talks about his conversations with the soldiers:

…He is so young but yet his life is so affected with things that shouldn’t even be rendered on your worst enemy. The crazy thing about it is he is upbeat and is optimistic.

American Soldier gives you an amazing and honest look Inside Walter Reed.

MORE… Pundit Review has some amazing photos from his trip over to Walter Reed this week.

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