Humvees Move Down Highway As Kansas Governor Whines (Video)

Best video clip (19 seconds) from the manufactured catastrophe controversy in Kansas…

WGAL NBC shows flatbed trucks and hummers pulling into Greensburg as Kansas Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius whines about equipment shortages:

Of course, only 10% of the state National Guard members were called in to help before the governor held the press conference on “shortages”.
Hat Tip to David

Tully, who lives in the area, reported this from Greensburg:

Wichita and Sedgwick County crews were already on standby because of the storms sweeping the state, and were in Greensburg within two hours. It’s a hundred miles away. Do the math.

Acquaintances on one of those first teams told me that when they got there, the highway in had already been cleared and locals with chainsaws and pick-ups were well into clearing the streets so that rescue vehicles could go anywhere. By dawn heavy equipment from the region was already pouring in, and they had to start cordoning off the town because there were too many volunteers there with equipment. By Sunday when Sebelius made her insulting remarks, there were traffic jams on the highway from utility crews piled up, coming in to “safe” the gas and electric.

That is just what the video showed- a traffic jam.

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