Hugo Chavez Silences the Opposition- Sends Tanks In!

UPDATE- This has been updated below since Hugo Chavez sent tanks in for the first time to an opposition rally!

There is very sad news from Venezuela this weekend.

Hugo Chavez is proceeding with his plan to silence all opposition.
The doors to freedom are closing in Venezuela.

Supporters of Radio Caracas Tv (RCTV) weep during a protest march in Caracas May 26, 2007.Tens of thousands of Venezuelan protesters marched on Saturday to the Caracas headquarters of an anti-government television station, which is being forced off the air after President Hugo Chavez’s administration refused to renew its broadcasting license. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)


A. M. Mora y Leon has pirctures from the protest today against the Chavez regime.

It is so disheartening to see the people of Venezuela quickly disappear under the Marxist blanket made by Hugo Chavez.
This weekend was an important step for Chavez in silencing the opposition in Venezuela.

Thousands of demonstrators participate of a march in Caracas, in support of private broadcaster RCTV (Radio Caracas Television). They rallyed in support of the country’s oldest and defiantly anti-government network which is set to go off the air Sunday after the government refused to renew its broadcast license.(AFP/Juan Barreto)

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views wrote me about this Venezuelan national emergency.
Here is his plea:

Dear Friends:

At some point I have been in touch with all of you. Most of you write, or have written, great blogs in the past, blogs who have had the kindness to worry about what is happening in Venezuela under Chavez; blogs that go from left to the right written by people who have enough of a brain to understand that the few good intentions that Chavez professes are not enough to make the happiness of his people, even if he is able to fool a large chunk of them.

As you might know, next Sunday (today) Chavez is getting ready to shut down the main opposition TV network, RCTV, which has an average rating floating around 40%. The simple reason is politics even though the Chavez administration has advanced a lot of spurious arguments. International condemnations are raining over Venezuela, noteworthy an unusual unanimous resolution of the US Senate who sees Kennedy, Clinton and Obama next to Lugar and Mc Cain signing as co-sponsors.

Needless to say that the hour is crucial.

Miguel at Devil’s Excrement and myself at Venezuela News & Views have been writing extensively on the matter. After the dispiriting December elections we are now basically the last two bloggers covering the Venezuelan day to day situation in English.

Thus my request for today. Please, do try to follow this extremely important development as Chavez finally comes out of his fascist closet to show the dictator that he has been all along. Closing RCTV is a major restriction in freedom of information, a preliminary step before freedom of expression. And a stepping stone to more autocracy. For all practical purpose Venezuela is now a military ruled state with the paradox that the army did not even need to make a coup! there will be plenty of information through our blogs, and you are welcome to write to either one of us for any details you might need if you wish to post something to that effect, to help two solitary bloggers who might sooner than later be under attack. Do not forget that Chavez has nationalized the main Telecom business of Venezuela last week, the telecom which controls more than 80% of the Internet and thus control of Internet is now a distinct possibility for the government. That is, assuming chavismo has the skills to control Internet, which I doubt personally. However countries like China or Iran have shown many creative ways to put pressure on bloggers. And they are Chavez allies.

Thank you for any help you can bring to our cause over the next week.

Fausta interviewed Thor Halvorssen, President and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, Daniel Duquenal of Venezuela News and Views, Miguel Octavio, of The Devil’s Excrement, and oil industry expert Gustavo Coronel.
Fausta has the important podcast interview posted HERE.

The podcast is very good. The international community does not understand the vast abuse on the people of Venezuela. Rule of law, private property rights, and freedom of press are all now absent under the Chavez regime.

UPDATE: This photo from the Publius post…

Chavez sent in the tanks today to the opposition protest- a first.

For the first time today, Hugo Chavez has sent in tanks to the city centers to line up against the opposition protesting his Marxist takeover of the media:

Mr. Chavez also warned of possible efforts to sabotage the new public channel, and he said security forces are prepared to respond.

Venezuelan army tanks and security forces deployed across the capital and other cities ahead of the protests, which are expected to continue Sunday.

Army General Juan Paredes Torrealba said the military is authorized to guard against possible violence. He says they are not expecting disorder or disturbances from small groups of people, but if there is trouble, the armed forces are prepared to act.

Chavez warned (via BBC): “Venezuelan armed forces are ready. Anyone generating
violence will regret it.”

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