Grim Milestone: War on Terror Fatalities Reach Ominous Threshold

It is not an easy decision to vote for war.
It’s not easy committing your soldiers to the battlefield.
Yet, the democratic-led Congress did just that in 2002.

Surely, they knew what their vote would mean for this nation and to all of the soldiers they were sending to the front.
Surely, they knew there would be fatalities and casualties…
It was war they voted for after all!

We all know today how the democratic-led Congress feels about their decision to vote for war.
Still- the war hasn’t been as tragic as what the democrats predicted.

There have been remarkably low fatalities in the Iraqi Freedom campaign- considering it is war. In fact, just this month the losses in Iraq and Afghanistan combined passed the halfway mark of military fatalities during the Clinton Years.

The US has lost 3434 soldiers and marines in Iraq and 390 soldiers and marines in Afghanistan over the past 5 years. This total of 3824 has passed half of the number of soldiers lost during the Clinton years during peacetime- Via Murdoc Online.

** The US has been fighting the War on Terror for over 5 years and has lost just over half the soldiers in battle as the Clinton Administration was losing during peacetime in 8 years.

It puts things into perspective.
Don’t expect this grim milestone to be reported by the mainstream media any time too soon.

Here are some other charts that puts the Iraqi Freedom Campaign into context:
Yearly Military Deaths During Clinton Years Exceeded Iraq War (Via Murdoc)…

US war fatalities…

War losses in Iraq compared to other wars when US population is figured in as a factor…

America’s willingness to sacrifice has gone down over the years…

Jason Smith has words from what Bush might say.

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