Finally… GOP Party Chairman Makes Headlines

While Howard Dean continues to make trips and headlines for his Majority Party…
The GOP Party Chairman has been silent.

But, this week the party chairman made headlines!
(By the way- in case you did not know- the GOP Chairman is Senator Mel Martinez. He is a part-timer. His time is split between his role as Senator and that of Republican Party Chairman. But, a part-timer is really all that is needed at this time.)

So what was the news about Senator Mel Martinez?

Did he lay out a new vision of the Republican Party?… Nope.
Did he share his plan on how to retake the House and Senate in 2008?… Nope.
Did he hold a blogger conference call?… Nope.
(Does he know there are conservative bloggers?… Who knows.)
Did he lay into the democratic surrender plan?… Nope.
Did he explain how Republicans were going to get their message through the massive liberal media filters?… Nope.
Did he hold a massive fundraiser?… Yes– but it didn’t make headlines.
Did he give a powerful speech on how the Republicans were not only going to fight the War on Terror but were going to fight back against liberal hysteria here at home?… Nope.

Senator Mel Martinez made headlines this week when Soros’s Far Left CREW foundation accused him of “serious” election law violations that gave the Florida senator who now chairs the National Republican Party “an unfair advantage in the closing days” of the race.

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