Battle of Bullhorns: "Eagles" & Moonbats Clash at West Point!

At the gates of West Point…
“Leftist Protesters Are Not Welcome Here!”

Demonstrators participating in an anti-war protest are met at by war supporters at Thayer Gate at the West Point Military Academy as the cadet’s commencement address is given by Vice President Dick Cheney on Saturday, May 26, 2007, in Highland Falls, N.Y. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

The battle was outside of West Point today.

Anti-war protester Kathy Devlin of Brookfield, Conn., center, tells a police officer that she is being harassed by Iraq war supporters outside the West Point Military Academy in Highland Falls, N.Y., Saturday, May 26, 2007, where Vice President Dick Cheney addressed the 2007 graduating class. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

The Gathering of Eagles showed up in force outside of West Point today to confront the antiwar protesters from ANSWER who were there to protest Vice President Dick Cheney and the military at West Point Graduation.
Urban Infidel has photos.

Elyse, our New Jersey Eagle, has reported in. The Eagles are making their presence known!! They arrived at the gate around 0730. Not too many of the moonbats present – it was too early for them, I suppose. At 0900 one busload of the moonbats arrived.

The Eagles are lining both sides of the gate. Present for the good guys are different groups including Marines and bikers. Eagles from Maine and North Carolina are present. Dan Maloney and Ken Bancroft, of the Eagles, have been interviewed by the media.

(Urban Infidel)
One Eagle has set up a crane on site and has our glorious flag proudly displayed for all to see! Elyse says it is an incredible sight!!

They are getting a lot of positive feedback from passersby as well as the military.

The moonbats apparently have funding for gas as they are continuously driving around in a circle – including one in a truck whose cargo is a coffin.

One faction of Eagles and/or supporters have bullhorns as do the moonbats. They are engaged in a “war of bullhorns”!!

Here’s more from Eagle “Silent Man“:

One of the moonbats tried to grab my megaphone and run away with it, but the police stopped her, and she took off running to the moonbat side. Another male moonbat tried to poke one of our Eagles in the stomach with his sign, almost starting a melee, which the Police had to break up with short notice, but with no arrest or forceful movement.

Now- Here is a little of what went on inside…
Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to future leaders of our military at West Point today for Commencement ceremonies.
The White House reported:

In Iraq today, the al Qaeda network that struck America is one of the elements trying to destroy a democratic government. They are surging their capabilities, attacking Iraqi and American forces, and killing innocent civilians. America is fighting this enemy in Iraq because that is where they have gathered. We are there because, after 9/11, we decided to deny terrorists any safe haven. We are there because, having removed Saddam Hussein, we promised not to allow another dictator to rise in his place.

And we are there because the security of this nation depends on a successful outcome. The war on terror does not have to be an endless war. But to prevail in the long run, we must remove the conditions that inspire such blind, prideful hatred that drove 19 men to get onto airplanes and come to kill us on 9/11. We know from history that when people live in freedom, answering to their own conscience and charting their own destiny, they will not be drawn to the ideologies of hatred and violence. We know, as well, that when people are given the chance to live in freedom, most of them will make that choice.

The people of Iraq now have a chance to secure their country’s future. More than 300,000 of them have joined security forces — despite all the threats, and murders, and car bombs at recruiting stations. And when it was time for national elections, the Iraqi people defied the killers and voted at a higher rate of turnout than we have here in the United States. In the struggle against terror, no country has had more battlefield deaths, or lost more civilians, than Iraq itself. They and their elected leaders are striving to preserve democracy against direct attack by merciless enemies. And they can know that our country, as in other times and other places, stands firmly for the cause of democracy.

Once again the mainstream media mostly ignored the military supporters except for a few shots including the predictable angry “pro-war” protester…
Tom Patton, right, of Grahmsville, N.Y., and other war supporters yell at protesters marching near West Point Military Academy during graduation ceremonies, Saturday, May 26, 2007, in Highland Falls, N.Y. (AP)

Second Lt. Daniel Palmer, left, salutes his grandfather retired Col. Warren Palmer before being sworn in as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army following graduation ceremonies Saturday, May 26, 2007 at West Point Military Academy in Highland Falls, N.Y. The class of 2007 had 64 cadets who are sons and daughters of graduates, five cadets have parents who were both grad
uates. (AP Photo/Daniel Morel)

This Aint Hell has great photos of the Rolling Thunder riders who were protesting in DC today.
Say Anything notes that it took a judge’s ruling to ban the protesters from going inside West Point to protest.

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