Antiwar Mother Ends Road Show

Cindy Sheehan is finally going to “Stop the Bulls**t!”

Mother Sheehan is heading home.
The freckled face of the Left is giving up the front page photo ops, the global trips, the Marxist dictator coddling… and heading back home after giving up on the democratic party and liberal news outlets who used her like a cheap media whore.

But, for how long?

And, just think… After all of the attention the media gave this crazed woman they refused to discuss her anti-American and Marxist ambitions:


* To distribute wealth evenly
* To help set up a Department of Peace
* To set up a Department of History where Cindy will be the first Secretary!
* To get the occupiers out of New Orleans
* To fight the perverse, murderous, genocidal, immoral empire
* To build a world in which the human being is really human
* To stop concealing torture camps in other countries allied to the empire
* To stop our government and corporatism from impoverishing or killing innocents
* To stop an invasion of Venezuela
* To stop US President George W. Bush in his “terrorism against the world”
* To sing communist hymns with fists raised
* To teach our troops that “Hajis,” the brown skinned people of Iraq who clean their toilets, showers, and wash their clothes are NOT less than people

How sad and dishonest that the mainstream media kept this from the public.

Don’t expect Cindy to be out of the limelight too long. After all, she would be a perfect fit for The View and there just happens to be an opening.

NewsBusters notes that the media is not completely honest about her departure, either.

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