All in the Family: Wife of 7-7 Bomber Arrested on Terror Charges

Mohammad Sidique Khan was the father of a young daughter and a primary school teacher… Oh, and a terrorist murderer for radical Islam.

Sidique Khan used to work for the government of Great Britain.
The wife of 7-7 bomber and grade school assistant teacher, Sadique Khan, was arrested on terror charges today:

The wife of 7 July bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan is among four people arrested in connection with the 2005 attacks, which killed 52 people.

Officers arrested Hasina Patel, 29, and two men in West Yorkshire and one man in Selly Oak, Birmingham. Seven addresses are being searched.

The four, aged between 22 and 34, are suspected of commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism.

They will be questioned at London’s Paddington Green police station later.

Police searches are being carried out at one address in the Handsworth area of Birmingham and in Selly Oak police are guarding a student hall of residence believed to have been the location of one of the raids.

A police lorry took away a silver Peugeot 307 from the Victoria Hall block of flats on Grange Road.

West Midlands Police said the man arrested in Selly Oak was 22 years old.

Khan was also involved in the community-run Hamara Healthy Living Centre in Beeston, and worked at its youth outreach project.

The terrorist couple have a daughter Maryam, who was born in May 2004. The child was 8 months old when her daddy committed murder-suicide.

Hasina Patel was expecting their second child when her husband, Mohammad Sidique Khan, blew himself up.

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