Al Qaeda Says It Will Align Itself With Democrats

Sorry… That was Al Qaeda in Iraq who said that today.

And… Earlier in the week Al Qaeda in Iraq left a message for President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki, via Jihad Unspun:

And I’d like to assure every zealous Muslim on status of the young and blessed State of Islam, we and as the enemy himself admits day and night control over 80% of Diyala, Mosul and Salah U Deen, and we have the reins of power in Al Anbar and our hits pain the occupiers in Baghdad and Kirkuk.

And finally we tell to Bush and Al-Maliki:

Perish in your rage!

We will remain by Allah’s might and preservation a thorn in your gorge.

Allah is the Greatest!

Honor, Power and Glory belong to Islam and Muslims.

Your brother,
Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir
Ministry Of Warfare
The Islamic State of Iraq
23 Rabie Al-Akhir 1428
May 9, 2007

This sounds like something a democratic leader might say.

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