Ahmadinejad Threatens to Eliminate "Zionist Criminals"

Maybe during talks next week with Iran the US could ask about this…

While speaking to an assembled crowd in Isfahan, Iranian President Ahmadinejad again threatened to Eliminate the Zionist Regime!
Iranian News reported:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Thursday that the Zionist regime will face other nations’s anger if repeats its past mistakes such as Lebanon’s invasion.

Addressing large groups of provincial residents on his 29th provincial tour, Ahmadinejad said the Zionist regime should not think that it can pave the way for a repeated attack on Lebanon by assassinating the Palestinian leaders and crackdown on the public.

“Thanks God Almighty, the world nations and Palestinian people have become aware,” he said, adding, “Any repetition of the mistakes will make regional nations angry and result in elimination of the Zionist entity.”
Touching on the 60-year crimes of the Zionist Regime, including massacre of women and children at their houses and making the Palestinians homeless, Ahmadinejad noted that big powers do not oppose such actions and support the illegitimate regime instead.

Advising the Zionists to stop 60 years of massacre, assassination, crime and aggression, he said, “If you do not stop massacring, regional nations will soon come on the scene and eliminate you criminals.”

Ahmadinjad also warned Israel not to attack Lebanon this summer.

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