After Clubbings & Arrests… Students Hold Protest at Amir Kabir

Iran Press News and The New York Times reported Monday that Basij (regime) thugs beat the students with clubs as they went to vote for the democracy association at Amir Kabir university in Tehran.

Amir Kabir is where students booed Ahmadinejad when he visited the university in December and set fire to posters with his picture.

So far 3 student leaders have been arrested by the regime at Amir Kabir in the last month. Mehrdad Khalilpour, was arrested Monday by security officials, but two of his comrades managed to escape. Among other student leaders, Babak Zamanian was arrested late last month and Ahmad Ghassaban was arrested on Friday.


Today… Amir Kabir University students are holding another protest against the Iranian regime.

NCR-Iran has a report on the continuing protest:

Students of Tehran’s Amir-Kabir University have staged a demonstration to protest the kidnapping of two students by university security guards since Sunday May 6. The protest grew in size rapidly. The demonstration by students of Mining and Petroleum Department received the support of other students in the university.

The university guards tried to break up the demonstration by threatening and intimidating the students. In response the students chanted slogans such as “Basij leave the university” and “Basij shame on you,” referring to the notorious Basij force a subordinate of the regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. They also blocked the Basij force. According to reports, the student demonstration is still continuing and the situation is tense in Amir-Kabir University.

Photos from NCR-Iran

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