When Moonbats Snap… Nut Threatens Republicans With Rifle! (Updated!)

“He pulled the rifle from the trunk of his Mercedes, removed the Bush & Cheney pictures from the office, and promised to be back if Bush vetoed the emergency war spending bill!” -Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Zachary Moyle.

Matthew Hunter Kramer said he would “take action” if Bush vetoed the spending bill.(FOX 5 Las Vegas)
FOX 5 reported:

A large cache of weapons were discovered inside of his vehicle — including three swords, a flare gun with .12-gauge shotgun shells and a .12 gauge shotgun. Las Vegas police did not reveal the particular bill that outraged Kramer, but said he told his victim he would kill everyone at the Republican offices when he returned… He originally asked an official there how he could join the party.

A man in Nevada threatened Republican officials with a rifle if…


Drudge and the AP report:

A man accused of threatening a Nevada Republican Party official with a rifle was arrested Tuesday in a vehicle in which police found swords, knives, a shotgun, shells and a flare gun, authorities said.

Matthew Hunter Kramer, 31, did not resist officers who arrested him on a warrant issued after the April 3 confrontation at state Republican Party offices in Las Vegas.

Zachary Moyle, executive director of the state GOP, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Kramer invited him to look at something in the trunk of his Mercedes before pulling out a rifle, pointing it at his face and warning that he would be back if President Bush vetoed an emergency war spending bill being considered by Congress.

…Kramer also removed photos of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from the wall of the office and threatened to harm staff members, Moyle said. Kramer left his cell phone number with office staff before leaving, police said.

He is charged with criminal syndicalism, assault with a deadly weapon and aiming a firearm at a person, police Officer Martin Wright said.

Criminal syndicalism makes it a crime to advocate sabotage, violence or terrorism to accomplish industrial or political reform, said Ron Bloxham, a Clark County prosecutor. It carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Zachary Moyle stands outside the GOP office on Sahara Avenue and Durango Drive on Tuesday. An unidentified man threatened Moyle with a gun and took framed photos of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from the office. (Review Journal)

The Review Journal has more on the crime:

Moyle said the man ranted about America’s dependence on oil and the Iraq war.

The man said he had two brothers serving in Iraq and didn’t want President Bush to veto the emergency war spending bill that sets a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

He then pulled out a hunting rifle and pointed it in Moyle’s face.

“If this bill gets vetoed, I’m going to come back,” he said.

…The man put the gun back into his trunk and stormed back into the office. Moyle said the man gave the staff at the office his cell phone and then pulled down two framed photos of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney that were hanging on an office wall.

“He asked if he could pay for them (the photos),” Moyle said. “I told him, ‘No, they’re on us.'”

I spoke with Zachary Moyle and with permission I am posting his account of this frightening situation:


First off, always happy to oblige a conservative blogger rather than a reporter…..thanks for all you guys do.

I will see what I can track down for you.

The guy’s name is Matthew Hunter Kramer. He was driving a Mercedes with California plates.

The basic story is this:

He came in very well dressed, khakis, navy blazer, and told our Office Manager he wanted to talk to someone about joining the Republican Party.

When I came downstairs I shook his hand, and he appeared pretty nervous. 30 seconds into the conversation I could tell this was not a Republican and someone who just wanted to berate us. Now, we get these types of people all the time, and it is nothing new. Protocol is to ask them to leave the office. He told me he was in the oil industry and that the War in Iraq was all about oil and nothing else. He mentioned he had two brothers overseas and that we were all idiots. At this point he was loud and demeaning, so my staff had left the room as they didn’t know how to handle this.

Finally, he asked what type of car I drive. I told him I drive a Ford Explorer. At this point he says, well, I want to show you my car, it doesn’t use any foreign oil sources. All I wanted to do was get him out of the office, so I said sure. We then walked out to his Mercedes, where he showed me it was a diesel. At this point, he says, I have something I want to give you. He opens the trunk and pulls out a book Theodore Roosevelt, Letters and Speeches. He hands it to me and says, “Here, I want you to read about a real Republican.”

At this point I looked into the trunk and notice he had several hunting rifles. He noticed me looking at them and grabbed one, saying, You are a Republican, you guys are gun owners, right? I said yes. He then drops the rifle to his side, holding his hand just above the stock. Now, keep in mind that as a gun owner and a Marine, I am can tell if he can get a shot off or not. He then pushes the rifle towards my nose (about 2 inches away) and says well, I’m a gun owner too and I think it’s about time we took back this country. At this point I can see the barrel of the rifle but I also know his hand is not on the trigger. He looks at me and says, “Don’t You know that America hates you? If your President vetoes this bill, I will be back. Do you understand me?”

At this point I simply said, yes sir, I do. Then the funny part happens.

He says I’m going to leave you my cell phone number so you can call me when this bill goes through. He puts the rifle back in the trunk and heads back into the office. He walks into the lobby and grabs a sheet of paper, writes down his cell phone number, and hands it to me. At this point I am behind the counter and he is out front in our lobby. He than runs over to the wall where our pictures are hanging and without asking, grabs the pictures of Bush and Cheney off the wall, says “I love these guys” (sarcastically) and proceeds towards the door. As he is about to open the door, he looks back and asks, “Do you want me to pay for these?” I said “No thanks sir, they’re on us.” He then got in his car and drove away.

Now, a couple of quick points.

1. I don’t think he intended to use the rifle. He just wanted to make a threat. The charge they have him on essentially is threatening someone for political purposes, and that is exactly what he did. So the charge fits.

2. This guy is clearly not all there. The whole time he was talking he was shaking and appeared off. He uttered a bunch of conspiracy theories and was ranting about oil and natural fuel sources. My staff also felt that he was mentally unstable. He later told police that he “traded” me the Roosevelt book for the pictures of Bush and Cheney, which is obviously not the case.

3. While I was outside and had the rifle pointed at me, another employee walked by. She didn’t know he was threatening me, (it is not uncommon for a fellow Republican to show another Republican his rifle) but she did see him with the rifle. He told police and he told the reporters on last night’s news that he never removed the rifle from his trunk. So she is a witness to that and can verify it. He also told police that he only had one rifle in the trunk and that it was an antique Black Powder rifle. In fact, he had 4 or 5 it was not a black powder rifle.

4. Back to him being crazy, I was not sure about reporting this at first. Yet after talking with Metro, ATF, Homeland, Capital Police, and Secret Service, they have all confirmed that this guy is nuts (no professional opinions yet, just their impressions). So I am very glad we did what we did and called this in. The man is mentally unstable and clearly is not all there. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but as soon as he opens his mouth it is obvious. In light of recent events, you wouldn’t want to find out this guy did something stupid and know you never reported him for something like this.

5. They released this guy today. I asked the officer about this and he explained he wish they wouldn’t have. He asked us to beef up our security measures just in case. Kramer is being charged on three counts, and when I asked the officer, he explained there is no way that at least two of the three don’t stick.

Hope that helps. Again, this guy is clearly not all there, and everyone I have talked to, including the reporters who interviewed him, have said the same. For this reason alone, we sincerely hope that this goes to trial soon and he gets put away.

Godspeed Zach- Be safe.
Hopefully the story ends here.

Michelle Malkin is adding this to her mugshot collection.

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