Socialist Hillary Lashes Out at "Rich People"

Her latest comments are even more remarkable considering her husband charges $150,000 for each speaking engagement!

FOX News reported on Hillary’s campaigning in Iowa:

Throughout the day, Clinton toughened her rhetoric by offering sharply populist themes.

“Rich people didn’t make American great,” Clinton said. “It was the middle class who made this country great.”

She denounced the Bush administration, which she said has left the government incompetent. “They have shown contempt for our government,” Clinton said. “We’ve got to get back to having qualified people, not cronies, serving in the government of the United States.”

…Clinton also said she would raise taxes for the wealthy, who she said “aren’t paying their fair share.”

Cronies?… What about “travelgate“, Hillary?


Is there really any question about Hillary being a socialist anymore?
Her latest line from this weekend goes well with her “I want to take those profits” line from February:
(33 seconds)

Clarice Feldman at the American Thinker has more on Hillary’s “Scandalous” remarks.
You can never be reminded often enough about the Clinton’s record breaking years of scandal!
Hat Tip Larwyn

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