Naked "Space Messenger" Attacks US Embassy Police

At 3:30 AM this morning… Officials arrested a naked man calling himself “Space Messenger” after he attacked guards at the US Embassy in Bishkek.

Officials later reported the naked space messenger was from Kazakhstan.
The Registan reported:

A man, who calls himself “space messenger,” threatened to blow U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. The incident happened at 3.30 in the morning today.

Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that two policemen, who guarded the embassy, heard somebody’s shouting. They saw that security of the checkpoint was trying to calm down absolutely naked man, who had an object in his hands. The man came to the checkpoint and threatens to blow the embassy. Later on the man threw unknown object to the window of the checkpoint.

Policemen made signal shots in the air. After that, naked man tried to seize a gun from security and submachine gun from one policeman. The policeman shot twice to the ground. One bullet hit right leg of the man.

The Space Messenger is undergoing tests at a local hospital.

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