Michelle Malkin Speaks at Saint Louis University

Michelle Malkin was invited to St. Louis tonight as the final guest speaker for the Great Issues Committee Spring Speaker Series at St. Louis University campus.

Michelle spoke tonight on “Standing Up to the Girl’s Gone Wild culture.” The event was free and open to the public.

Michelle did a fantastic job and was well received on the campus.
She left plenty of time for questions and answers. (Sorry- no one rushed the stage tonight.) The students were very respectful.
Here are a couple of shots from the event:

Michelle Malkin at the reception following her talk at St. Louis University.


Michelle speaks to students at the reception.

Here Michelle answers a question about “Bush Derangement Syndrome” and what she heard from Iraqis while she was in Baghdad earlier this year.

The Iraqis Don’t want us to leave now!… Withdrawal would be catastrophic.

And… It was also great to see Todd from Another Rovian Conspiracy and Patrick from the News Buckit in attendance.

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