Marines in Dress Uniforms Kicked Out of Target Store

Two US marines say they were kicked out of a Target store last week after a store manager thought they were military recruiters.

They aren’t.

Cpl. Carlos Rodriguez gives archery instructions to Jordan Burns, of New Orleans, at a Cub Scout Encampment. (USMC)

The Pilot Online reported this on Saturday:


CHESAPEAKE – Two Marines in their dress uniforms – the ones with white hats, khaki shirts and blue trousers with red stripe – say they were accused of recruiting at a Target department store here and told to leave.

“We weren’t recruiting,” according to Cpl. Carlos Rodriguez, 22, who said he returned in October from his second combat tour in Iraq. “I just popped in to say hi to a guy I went to high school with. He works there.”

But an assistant manager who saw Rodriguez and the other Marine apparently thought otherwise and showed them the door, according to both servicemen.

Manager Brian Sherman, who was not in the Chesapeake South store Monday when the alleged incident happened, denied Friday that the Marines were ordered out. But he said he was told they were talking to employees.

“They were not asked to leave, in fact they walked around the store and continued to shop,” Sherman said.

Target has a strict no-solicitation policy, he said.

Rodriguez said he and the other Marine were in the Target about 10 a.m. Monday, when they had some slack time from their duties. The second Marine, a private, asked not to be identified because he’s new to the Corps, but he affirmed Rodriguez’s account.

Rodriguez, who is getting out of the Marines in June, and the private, who just completed boot camp training at Parris Island, S.C., are both on temporary duty back in their hometown of Chesapeake.

The Target store manager who was not at the store at that time denies the report by the marines.

Thomas Lifson has more.

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