Live By the Sword… Die By a 12 Year-Old With a Knife (Video)

His son was a faithful member of the Taliban until he was beheaded by a 12 year-old…
Now, Ghulam Sakhi is lashing out.

…This sometimes happen when your son works for the Taliban.

The man beheaded in a video by a 12 year-old Taliban member was involved with the Taliban himself for years.

Ghulam Sakhi, father of a militant Ghulam Nabi shows the video grab picture of his son distributed by executioners in the area, during an interview with The Associated Press at his home in a remote village Kili Faqiran in southwestern Pakistan, Thursday April 19, 2007. A video received by The Associated Press this week records the grisly death of Ghulam Nabi, a militant accused of betraying a top deputy to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani who was killed in a December airstrike in Afghanistan. Sakhi, said his son was a loyal Taliban member who had fought in Afghanistan and sheltered its leaders in the mud-walled family compound – and said he wanted to avenge his death. (AP Photo/Abdul Rahman)

The retired mosque preacher and father of Ghulam Nabi says his son was a loyal Taliban member and does not understand why they did this to him. reported:


Sakhi, a retired mosque preacher with a long gray beard, spoke unashamedly of his son’s Taliban affiliation and wept twice during an interview in his simple home at the foot of a mountain valley in Baluchistan province.

He said Nabi fought against the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance that helped U.S. forces to victory in Afghanistan.

After returning to Pakistan, Nabi ran a religious school in the Baluchistan capital of Quetta and had regularly sheltered both Osmani and Dadullah at the family compound, the father said.

He said Nabi also bought weapons for Taliban fighters and organized medical treatment for those injured during fighting in Afghanistan.

Some days after Osmani’s death, Nabi went to Peshawar and then to Wana, a tribal town considered a militant stronghold, to collect money from Taliban officials to buy guns and food for militants in Afghanistan, Sakhi said.

He said his son called at the end of January to reveal that a tribal council had sentenced him to death on charges of tipping off U.S. forces about Osmani’s movements, despite his denials.

His son passed the phone to Dadullah, but the militant leader ignored his pleas for clemency, Sakhi said.

“I talked to him and said you visited us and my son was a close friend so why are you going to hang him? He just said, ‘How are you?’, and switched off the phone,” Sakhi said.

“They are the enemies of Islam,” he said of the Taliban. “They are behaving like savages.”

It’s too bad he is just realizing this!

** The video of Nabi’s beheading by the child is now available for purchase at the local market.

HotAir has more on the prepubescent beheader.

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