Liberal Race-Baiter Vs. Liberal Hater

For a little background…
First, Here are Al Sharpton’s outrageous racist comments on Republican “House Negroes”:
(26 seconds)

Now… Here are the nasty racial comments by liberal Imus on the Rutgers women’s basketball team:
(1 minute 26 seconds)

Finally… HotAir has the video of Imus offering alms to Reverend Sharpton.
This somehow makes sense in the liberal mind.
Michelle Malkin has more on Saint Al.
Personally, I’d like to see Imus appear on the St. Al Show and beg forgiveness for the next few weeks while St. Al lectures him.
Now, that would be good liberal radio!


UPDATE: Mushpile on Imus…
The Rutgers team is going to weigh in on his racist comments. (Would you really want to be one of the players they select for the news conference?)

Jesse Jackson held a protest outside of the Chicago CBS headquarters yesterday.

Maybe… the Left will look at their anti-Semitism, too, while they are at it.

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