Iran Says It Can Make "Nowhere Safe" For the US

A high ranking Iranian official said it could make “nowhere safe” for the US if Iran is attacked and that it will bomb Israel if it is attacked by the US.
ADN Kronos reported:

Iran will attack Israel if Washington decides to launch a military strike against the country over its nuclear programme, the Iranian deputy interior minister Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr said on Thursday. “If the United States should attack us we will launch tens of thousands of missiles able to strike US targets and destroy Israel,” said Zolghadr, a former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Pasdaran. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel, a state which is not recognized by the Islamic Republic.

“The United States at this time is trying to weaken the Islamic Republic by attempting to create instability and crises,” the government official added.

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