Hamas Leader Threatens More Israeli Soldier Kidnappings

Maan News reported that the leader of Hamas Khalid Mash’el threatened today to kidnap more Israeli soldiers:

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Hamas politburo chief, Khalid Mash’al, has stated that his movement is doing its best to release all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, and has allegedly claimed that Hamas “will capture other Israeli soldiers”. Israeli media sources stated that Mash’al said this in a festival outside Damascus, arranged in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

The sources stated that Mash’al had revealed that “[Corporal Gil’ad] Shalit will not be released, until Israel agrees to all [Hamas’] terms and conditions.”

He stated that “Hamas will do its best to release all prisoners from Israeli jails,” adding, “if the enemy insists on stubbornness over the issue of Shalit, I declare before you that we have the ability and the will to repeat the scenario of Shalit’s capture.

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