Fatwa Against Pakistani Minister for Hugging Infidel

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She hugged a man after a parachute jump… Now she it tagged with a fatwa.

A Taliban-style Islamic court in the Pakistani capital has issued a fatwa against tourism minister Nilofar Bakhtiar for posing in an “obscene manner” with French paraglider pilots.(AFP/Aamir Qureshi)

ADN Kronos reports on the latest from the Pakistani renegade Sharia Court:

An unofficial Taliban styled Sharia (Islamic) court in the heart of the Pakistani capital Islamabad has issued a fatwa (religious decree) against the federal minister for tourism Nilofar Bakhtiar for hugging a French man at a tourist resort in Normandy (France). Last week, after completing a successful para-jump from an aircraft, the minister joyfully hugged her French partner.

The minister had carried out the jump to raise funds for earthquake victims in Pakistan-administered-Kashmir.

In its first fatwa since being established in Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) last Friday, the Sharia court condemned what it called an un-Islamic act of Bakhtiar with the French man “during her para-jump adventure in France”.

“The act on part of the minister has carried disgrace for the (Pakistani) nation, the entire Muslim Ummah (nation), which no religion or honourable person allows,” stated the fatwa, a copy of which was made available to select media.

The fatwa demands that the government immediately remove the minister from her office and proposes to “equally punish her”. It also urges the minister to “beg forgiveness from Allah almighty” and asks her relatives to compel her to do so. The three-page fatwa bears the seal of Mufti Mohammed Younus of Darul Ifta, Central Jamia Masjid, Islamabad.

The Mufti also quoted different verses from the Koran (the Muslim holy book) and Hadidh (Prophet Mohammed’s sayings) indicating that “Islam does not allow such actions from a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim man”.

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