Father Believes 13 Year-Old Daughter Lost Her Virginity… Kills Her

…An autopsy later proved the girl was still a virgin.

A father in Kuwait killed his 13 year old daughter because he thought she lost her virginity.
Via Stop Honour Killings and The Middle East Times:

KUWAIT CITY — A Kuwaiti father who killed his 13-year-old daughter by slitting her throat was Saturday ruled “not responsible for his actions” and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The court ruling, which can be appealed, was based on a report by a special medical commission which concluded that he was mentally ill.

Adnan Al Enezi, 40, blindfolded and handcuffed his daughter Asmaa in January 2005 before murdering her because he thought she was no longer a virgin.

During the killing, Enezi changed the first knife for another with a sharper blade while his daughter bled and screamed in pain and as her two brothers and a sister looked on.

Forensic examinations later proved that Asmaa was still a virgin.

In other news from Kuwait…
After he signs a pledge not to do so, a Kuwaiti father strangles his daughter for eloping.
Stop Honor Killings and The Arab Times reported:


KUWAIT CITY: The Detention Renewal Judge Wed-nesday renewed until March 8, 2006 the detention of a 50-year-old Bedoun man, identified as Risan K., who has been charged with the premeditated murder of his 18-year-old daughter, identified only as Manal, after accusing her of eloping with her boyfriend and who claimed to have molested her. Case papers indicate after Manal disappeared from her home in Jahra, her family filed a missing persons report at a local police station. Two weeks later, police arrested her and her boyfriend. During interrogation it was revealed Manal spent two weeks with her boyfriend. She also said the man had sex with her several times.

Police put the boyfriend behind bars and handed over Manal to her family. Police also made Manal’s father to sign a pledge that he will not harm his daughter and Manal’s uncle took her to live with him until matters cooled down. When Manal returned home, the father in a flash remembered her past and gave her a piece of his mind. When she raised her voice, he became furious, beat her, strangled her to death and surrendered to police.

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