Fatah Prepares Special Force For War With Hamas!

Fatah is recruiting thousands of militants in preparation for another round of violent clashes with Hamas.

Palestinian Maan News and Israeli Haaretz News are reporting that Fatah is preparinga special force to do battle with Hamas.
Maan reported:

Israeli daily, Haaretz, has claimed that Fatah are currently preparing a new force in Gaza for possible clashes with Hamas.

Haaretz claimed that the force, know as the Special Force, has recruited 1,400 combatants, 1,000 of whom have had military training.

The Israeli source also alleged that the new force will be loyal to president Abbas and will be headed by Sami Abu Samhadana.


Haaretz claimed that Palestinian sources had stated that officers from the Palestinian general intelligence and national security force have joined the ranks of the Special Force.

The new force is intended to intervene in the eventuality of another brutal escalation of factional fighting in the Gaza Strip.

The sources also said that the Special Force is to operate alongside Abbas’ presidential guards, or Force 17, and serve the function of deterring Hamas from reigniting factional hostilities.

According to Haaretz, sources from the new Special Force claimed that they are enacting strict policies with regards to recruitment into the force, “Anyone with any sort of affiliation to Islamist groups will not be accepted,” they say.

Apparently Hamas are well aware of the new force and the mass recruiting and training drive.

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