Dictator's Daughter Cuts New Album

I hadn’t followed the news from Uzbekistan much since the dictator Karimova sent in troops and slaughtered around 1,000 innocents holding a rally against the regime.

But, that was almost two years ago…
Today in Uzbekistan the dictator’s daughter Gulnara Karimova is about to release her first album.
Here is a sampling of one of her cuts:
(3 minutes)

It looks like production costs were not an issue…
It helps when daddy is the dictator.

Here is more on Gulnara’s CD release from Ferghana News:


Markaz TV (Center-TV) channel announced release of the first album by Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan also known as Googoosha. It includes the numbers Forget Me Not, Clouds, Spring, and others.

Gulnara is known in Uzbekistan and abroad as a political scientist and diplomat. She is the head of the Center of Political Studies (Tashkent), patron of the international Forum of Uzbek Culture and Arts, and advisor of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia.

There are the rumors in Tashkent that Gulnara will eventually succeed to her father the president or at least become the prime minister. Specialists say in the meantime that Gulnara’s artistic aspirations, somewhat exceeding her talent, certainly interfere with politics.

Gulnara’s album includes some of her poems as well. When interviewed in the past, the president’s daughter denounced the plans to release albums. She claimed she was doing all of that (writing poems and singing) just because she felt like it. Gulnara’s plans and opinions must have changed.

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