Despite Earlier Threats, Dems Will Fund Troops After All

Maybe Senator Reid wasn’t the only one getting clobbered this week?

Democrats announced today that they will strip defeatist langugage from their bill to fund the troops in Iraq!

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) now says that democrats will not defund the troops in Iraq. (ABC “This Week”)

Their internal polling data must not have looked very good.
Bloomberg reports:


April 8 (Bloomberg) — Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said Democrats may be ready to compromise in the showdown with President George W. Bush over linking funding for U.S. troops in Iraq with a timetable for withdrawal.

Should Bush veto war-funding legislation that sets a limit on the U.S. military presence, Levin said the majority Democrats likely will strip out language calling for troops to start leaving Iraq in four months while keeping demands that the Iraqi government meet benchmarks for quelling sectarian violence.

“We’re not going to cut off funding for the troops,” the 72-year-old Michigan Democrat said on ABC’s “This Week” program. “But what we should do, and we’re going to do, is continue to press this president to put some pressure on the Iraqi leaders to reach a political settlement.”

Bush yesterday repeated his vow to reject the legislation passed by the House and Senate that provides more than $100 billion for the military while also setting a timetable. Democrats don’t have enough votes to override a veto.

Levin’s comments, and similar statements by Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, are the clearest sign yet that senior Democrats won’t force a confrontation with the president that would deny funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There you have have it.
The Corner has more on the press conference.
(Via Instapundit)

It was a week of gifts…
First Ahmadinejad gave England the hostages…
Now democrat’s are going to give the troops funding!

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