Crawford Peace House Is Swiftboated!

** Chaos at the Peace House! **

The Crawford Peace House is missing over $200,000!
The tax reports are over a year late.
Members are leaving in disgust.
And… One former member is threatening to sue.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the chaos at the peace house:

CRAWFORD, Texas – With allegations of money mismanagement, threats of court action, and some members leaving, a group that has sponsored war protests in President Bush’s adopted hometown has been anything but peaceful.

The Crawford Peace House recently lost its corporate charter with the state, and a former member who now has rights to the name is threatening legal action because the group continues operating.

Sara L. Oliver and some others are calling for a state investigation as to why only $14,700 is now in its bank account, saying tens of thousands donated during Cindy Sheehan’s 2005 war protest were unaccounted for.

“There are people who have said: ‘Don’t say anything, because you’ll hurt the peace movement,’ ” Oliver said. “But if the peace movement isn’t pure, and transparent, and holy as it can be at its heart, then it’s just like George Bush: lying, thieving, conniving, backstabbing…”

The Crawford Peace House responded to the valid accusations from former members with typical Leftist maturity… “We’ve been swiftboated!”:


A Response to the Swiftboating of the Crawford Peace House

The volunteer board members of the Crawford Peace have recently been accused in the media of malfeasance and abuse of the public trust. While we are deeply saddened and shocked by the mean spiritedness of the personal attacks levelled against our directors, we completely understand the need for transparency and accountability…

In 2005 we spent $45,000 on food and $7000 on porta potties alone.

But, please don’t question their honesty.

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